Gregor Vidic, musician – composer, born in Koper (Slovenia) in 1984. His musical approach is related to the contemporary improvisation tendencies, from USA free-jazz to contemporary European free improvisation.

He started playing guitar and drums at an early age and later began learning to play saxophone. He moved to Lausanne and posteriorly to Geneva, where he increased his saxophones skills and had the chance to study jazz saxophone and composition with Maurice Magnoni and Ohad Talmor. Based in Geneva since then, he has joined the association and Jazz Club AMR, having the chance to be part of the concert programming team.

In January 2016 he participated in a residence in NYC, taking lessons with Ellery Eskelin and playing together with Angelica Sanchez and Tom Rainey. Since then he begun an international career, playing in Europe, the USA and in Japan. He is active in the Swiss musical scene (avant-garde, Free-Jazz and Improvised music) and he is touring around the world collaborating with musicians such as Nicolas Field (drums – CH), Hugo Antunes (bass), Albert Cirera (saxophone), Flo Stoffner (guitar – CH), Leo Svirsky (piano – USA), Jasper Stadhouders (guitars – NL), Dirar Kalash (saxophones, piano, oud, electronics – PS), Markus Krispell (saxophones – A), Michael Foster (saxophones – USA), Andreas Fulgosi (guitars – CH), Brandon Lopez (bass – USA), George Hadow (drums – UK), Thomas Florin (piano – CH), Tetuzi Akiyama (guitar JAP) and others.